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Quality Preschool Education in Dawson Creek

Early childhood education is essential to initiate and encourage lifelong learning. It ensures that children develop their physical and intellectual skills. At Miss Patti’s Preschool, our compassionate and kind team provides quality preschool education programs. With a high educator-to-child ratio of 1:5, we provide a top-quality relational service. Our educators ensure your children are well-prepared for their future school by organizing fun activities and projects that are aimed at enhancing their intellect, interests and skills.

Emergent Curriculum

At Miss Patti’s Preschool, we believe in offering a learning module that caters to your child’s interests. That’s why we carefully choose all activities for your children based on their personality, and specific needs. We strive to ensure that we meet your child’s educational needs while keeping them entertained and engaged in the process.

Socio-emotional Learning

At our preschool, we offer socio-emotional learning programs. This is aimed at developing critical and creative skills among children. It can be helpful to forge and maintain friendships, complete tasks and cope with stress or adversity by controlling one's emotions. Socio-emotional learning is useful in everyday life as it helps children learn and understand their emotions better.

Assisting Your Kids in Their Emotional Growth

We can help your child manage their emotions and develop interpersonal skills.

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